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Cartogram - Indoor Maps

Viajes y guías

Based on the popular Google Maps platform, Cartogram is about helping people Find Things Indoors with indoor maps and the world's most powerful indoor search engine. Use Cartogram to find people in an unfamiliar building, find classes on campus, and find products at the store. In fact, Cartogram helps you find products at thousands of stores including grocery stores, retailers, and pharmacies. You can even search an entire mall for products on indoor maps!Here are just a few of the things you can do with Cartogram:
* View and explore searchable indoor maps. We are adding new indoor maps daily! * Find anything indoors with Cartogram's indoor search and labeling feature. * Selectively share your indoor location with anyone, in any room, on any floor, of any building. Find your coworkers at lunch, classmates at the library, or friends at the mall.* Explore beautiful, searchable, indoor maps to get directions navigate, and learn about the great indoors - all inside of the Google Maps experience.
Do you have a feature you want to see for indoor maps? Do you need help onboarding your company's indoor maps? Would you like to engage customers who visit your brick-and-mortar business? Cartogram can help. Check out our services at and email to let us know the indoor location and positioning services needed by your business.